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Power of Thirty:  Lee Business Academy of Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, October 22 at 6:30 PM

Discover the traits of new businesses that develop $250,000 annual revenue. Then, copy those traits. Learn More.

What will we learn?

(REVIEW BENEFITS FOUND with others: higher income, increased standard of living, improved health care, better family education.)

1. What does it take to succeed?.

2. How to prepare and carry out a Market Survey, and the valuable information you gain.

3. Creating a Business Plan.  Calculating sales necessary to pay overhead and have enough left to live.

4. Banking.

5. A business lesson from a banker who has “seen it all.”  What you can expect.

6. Overcoming common human emotions and obstacles.

7. Creating future investment & growth cash along with tax advantages

8. Insurance:  cover potential risks to your business and other peopled property you care for.

9. Reviewing your market surveys.  Networking with other business owners for information, solutions, and customers.

10. Reviewing your business plan.   Is it believable?  Will a banker discover you know your business model?

11. Sources of capital.  Sources of advice and counsel.

12. Finding customers.  When do advertising and high traffic make sense?

13.  What have you learned?  Who have you found you can rely upon?  Will you stage it from home and build your business?  READY TO START?!!


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