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Give advantages to the poor of several Cleveland, OH neighborhoods to build dignity through business start-up, trade partners, employee growth, and community rebuilding.

Our neighbors on the other side of the digital divide lack important advantages. Through training, effective business plans, and electronic connections, hopeful entrepreneurs will begin to succeed at accomplishing similar goals.

Goal: In three neighborhoods, launch 30 entrepreneurs in business, developing $250,000 of revenue and hiring employees in the first year.

Process: In each village, find 300 people who want micro-loans to start a business. Begin a 16 week training, in business – time management, vendors, customers, banking, business planning, insurance, marketing(including digital), etc. At the end of the training, about 30 will have completed training and be funded.

Value: The group will meet one another, and complete the same training experience. At the launch, they will support one another. Likewise, they will have contacted their neighbors, acquaintances, and potential customers. This will build community and community support. As their businesses grow, their success will develop more community hope, and a pride of ownership will bring restoration.

Track Record: Visit links for Grameen America, REDF, and MEDIC International to learn how the Power of 30 has helped communities recover dignity globally. Billions of dollars have already been invested by large and small investment partners, in cities other than Cleveland.

Sustainability: The one time gift will be returned to the Power of Thirty to begin new community Franchises and Chapters. The capital will continue to grow as the entrepreneurs grow and acquire more business property. The excitement and success breed more success.

Risk: Historically, the principal repaid has exceeded that found in safer mortgages.

Income: Participating entrepreneurs have been able to secure homes and provide education for their children!  Their healthcare, family education, dental, and living conditions are improved.

Request: Gifts, as well as professional help for each step of training. Please participate in the Power of Thirty, a.k.a. Fruitful Life Advantage Generativity.

…the requested sum will set up operations for 3 neighborhoods, and fund 90 new business startups.

Fruitful Advantage